Meem Gallery – Cities Under Quarantine

Meem Gallery – Cities Under Quarantine – Dongola Limited Editions

In an attempt to address issues around social isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, Beirut based artist and curator, Abed Al Kadiri has launched Cities Under Quarantine: The Mailbox Project.

With social distancing measures being implemented by governments worldwide resulting in limitations for artists, in terms of lack of materials and access to studios, Al Kadiri’s publishing house, Dongola Books, has sent more than 50 books to those currently working in isolation around the globe.

Each recipient, including London-based Dia al-Azzawi, has received a book through the post displaying their respective names on the cover. The artists were given the simple directive to turn them into ‘artist’s books’, using materials and techniques of their choice. The finished works may eventually be published and brought together in a touring exhibition.

Dia al-Azzawi is very well known for his practice with ‘book art ‘or dafater, a practical medium that the artist has often utilised in times of instability and upheaval.


Dia al-Azzawi takes part in Cities Under Quarantine: The Mailbox Project

Meem Gallery – Cities Under Quarantine – Dongola Limited Editions

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